About Us

Bombastype was founded in 2017 by two people who had just met at some kind of designer meet-up event in Yogyakarta. By the names Bangkit Tri Setiadi and Amir Subqi Setiaji, both of them have no idea how to make a font to begin with. That’s why they’re attending that designer meet-up. A sharing meet-up about how to make a font. Then, long story short, they’re beginning to make their first font for their own brand. Being able to publish their first font is one thing, but making a decent profit from the first font is quite another thing.

Before making a font, they had another way to make a living as designers. As a result, they are unable to work as font designers full-time because creating a proper font takes time. Then, on some days, the fateful day comes. They decided to create a new collaborative font foundry account called Bombastype. And the rest is history. So basically, Bombastype is their side project.

You can find them on their own font foundry by clicking this link below.

Blankids | Subqi

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